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Transcribing Options

Recordings are transcribed at Option 1, unless requested otherwise.

Option 1        Standard Turnaround Draft Format

Option 2        Participant Identification Group recordings

Option 3        3 Working Day Turnaround Rate (must be pre-booked)

Option 4        High Quality Format

Option 5        Complex Format

Option 6        Difficult Accents/Interpreter/Groups of 4+ people & poor recordings

Option 7        7 Working Day Turnaround Rate (must be pre-booked)

Option 8         Non-urgent Draft Format  (Great for restricted budgets and/or on-going projects!)

 Our Pricing is very competitive...

Please contact us direct for full details on pricing!

Your recording for transcription

The better the quality of recording; the better transcript we can produce for you.

Just a few helpful hints:-

  • DO NOT OVER SPEAK each other.

  • always test the recorder before use (ie. flat batteries cause poor quality recordings).

  • check best settings for your recorder for high quality recording for your interviews; different brand recorders vary, (the highest setting, often picks up too much background noise; some brand recorders the standard setting is better)

  • check there is no microphone/electrical interference , particularly with phone and skype recordings.

  • A handy backup recorder is your mobile , as most smart phone recordings are compatible with our transcribing programme. (two recorders in an interview is a safe option.)

  • be aware of the position of the recorder (ie. recorder closest to quietly spoken participant)

  • avoid café situations and/or large echoed areas with background noise such as other voices and vehicles, noisy air-conditioners etc; avoid foreground noise such as paper rustling, finger tapping, coffee cups clattering etc – ie use a quiet closed office.

  • Use a 'Telephone microphone pick up device' for mobile recordings and landline recordings - these can be purchased quite cheaply and worth investing to provide better quality recordings

  • with ‘face to face’ recordings, we recommend, to ‘acknowledge’ the participant/s by using body language, such as nodding and/or smiling, so the participant continues to speak. With this technique the participant continues to speak without verbal acknowledgements/interruptions (such as yeah yeah, yep, ah-ha, etc) which is heard on the recording. Informing the participant prior to the interview that you will be using this technique works extremely well, and allows us to produce a flowing transcript without unnecessary acknowledgement interruptions.

  • for group interviews requiring participant identification, introduce participants at beginning of recording, asking the participant to speak a full sentence, to assist the transcriber in recognising voices and number of participants; and further mention participant names as they speak during the interview. Some interviewers ask each participant to say their name, before speaking as this stops over speaking but is not always suitable for all group recordings.  Zoom or Microsoft Teams visual/video recordings are great for transcribing groups,.

Please call or email us today for pricing & further details!

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